Here at we love our customers!  If at any time you need assistance:

Telephone Ordering or Questions about our website or products: Sun - Sat from 9am -7pm EST at (732) 455-8550.

Visit our store to see our inventory and meet us in person!  3316 Sunset Avenue Store #2, Wanamassa NJ 07712.  Daily 10am - 8pm (Sunday until 5pm) (Closed Tuesdays.)  

Ordering Online: we ship orders 7 days a week and orders travel via USPS First Class or USPS Priority Mail depending on the item size.  We do NOT charge for shipping on order totals over $6. :)  Our system alerts you to milestones in the delivery process as all orders ship with tracking numbers.

Shop with confidence!  We provide a warranty on any item you buy from us!  We provide a 30 day warranty on all game systems and accessories.  We do refurbish all systems including changing pin connectors on Nintendo NES units, testing lasers on all cd based units and cleaning all contacts on game cartridges as well as system cartridge slots.  

All video games are covered with a 30 day warranty.  We process all cd/dvd/blu-ray based media through a professional grade RTI disc resurfacing machine.  This insures that the discs are virtually scratch free as to not interrupt game play.  Any cartridge based media goes through a separate process were contact pins are polished to insure any dirt or buildup on the contacts is removed. This helps to extend the life of the game cartridge while also minimizing buildup within your game system.

Our games come in several "conditions" depending on how you game or collect:

  • We offer Pre-Played items which are great to mess around with and while not always "the pretty ones" they work awesome and will bring you years of enjoyment. 
  • For more collectible items check those with Good to Very Good and Like New Conditions. These items will include the game box, game manual or other related packed in items.
  • Each item listed on our site has a description attached to you so you know specifics.  
  • We also offer items that are Brand New having never been opened
  • We do offer New Release items for the latest game systems including PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Playstation Vita and Nintendo 3DS. We also accept pre-orders for items not yet released!

Lastly, we LOVE trade-ins!  Bring your video games, video game systems and accessories as well as toys, trading cards and arcade machines/pinball machines to us and we pay cash! (item must be fully functioning.)  Anything from early Atari to the newest game systems can be traded in (feel free to call for details.)

Happy Gaming!


We pay $$ TOP DOLLAR $$ for your trade-in: