(Tiger) (Good)


$ 129.99 

Tiger handheld game system complete in original box with Lights Out game cart. ?ÿStylus is also included. ?ÿIn addition, we are including 2 additional games in this package, Indy 500 and Duke Nukem 3D!

The (styled as "" but pronounced "game com", not "game dot com") is a handheld game console released by Tiger Electronics in September 1997. It featured many new ideas for handheld consoles and was aimed at an older target audience, having PDA-style features?ÿand functions such as a touchscreen and stylus.?ÿ

The console was powered by four AA batteries.?ÿTiger produced equivalents to many Game Boy peripherals,?ÿsuch as the serial cable,?ÿallowing players to connect their consoles to play multiplayer games or exchange high scores. Branded items such as an AC adapter, earphones, and a carry-case were also made available.

The Lights Out cartridge which came bundled with the console. ?ÿTiger was also able to obtain game licenses like Wheel of Fortune, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mortal Kombat, Duke Nukem, and Resident Evil.

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