Atari 800 XL Home Computer (Atari) (Good)

$ 149.99 

  The Atari 800XL was the third version of the Atari 8-bit line of computers introduced in 1983.   The system contained a full 64K of memory, had all the standard VLSI chips (Antic, GTIA, Pokey, PIA) and was in a smaller and more compact design. The cartridge port had been move to the top center of the system and used special metal spring loaded doors to allow the insertion and removal of ROM cartridges.   This system of spring loaded doors also kept dirt and objects from falling into the cartridge slot when it was not occupied.  The system also included built-in Atari BASIC programming language which could be disabled by holding down the OPTION key on boot-up.   The other new feature of the 800XL was the new high speed Parallel Bus Interface (PBI) which would allow the 800XL to connect to the Atari 1090: XL Expansion System which was an expansion box with 5 slots in it for an assortment of expansion cards.

This item comes in original box.  Included with computer (which is in excellent condition!) are the power cord and rf unit.  Included is a 1020 Color Printer with replacement color ink "cartridges" and printer cover.  Also included is Pac-Man game cartridge for use with system.  

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