Atari 810 Disk Drive (Atari 800) (Pre-Played - See Details)

$ 69.99 

This item comes in original Atari box with stryofoam insert AND original cardboard card inserted into the disk drive to stop head misalignment.  Also included are AC adapter and serial plugs for connecting to computer. No manual or other pack-in paperwork is present.

The Atari 810 disk drive was introduced at the unveiling of the Atari 400/800 computers at the Winter CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas.  January 1979.

There are two versions of the Atari 810. The MPI version which has a door handle that swings up and you slide in and out the 5.25" diskette.  The other was the Tandon version (shown above) which has a spring loaded up/down door that when opened would eject the diskette out about 1 to 2 inches out of the drive opening for easy removal.

The Disk drive is a SIO device with 2 ports on the rear of the unit to allow "Daisy Chaining" of other peripherals onto the SIO bus.   Up to 4 Atari 810's could be connected together, each drive having its own unique Drive Number ID from 1 to 4.