Black Nintendo DSi System (Nintendo DS) (Pre-Played - Game System)

$ 39.99 

Include game system, AC adapter and stylus.  Also includes our 30 day warranty.

Let me introduce you to the newest member of the Nintendo DS family: the Nintendo DSi. The DSi is the third model of the Nintendo DS platform, introducing many new features and upgrades it's predecessors lacked. First improvement is the size. 12% thinner than the DS lite, it improves on portability without sacrificing it's durability. However as a consequence, the GameBoy Advance slot is removed and no longer supports GBA games. Next improvement is the improved screen size, audio and sound quality. The most noticeable feature is the LCD screen, with a 17% improvement in size, many fans of DS games will enjoy a larger viewing area. As for new features, there is a built-in camera, SD card slot and functionality to play music. Furthermore there is new application installed on the DSi, the DSi Shop. Similar to the functionality of the Wii Shop, it offers an option to download more applications to your DSi or SD card, such as the DSi browser, allowing standard internet access through the DSi! Also featured on the DSi shop is Moving Notepad, turning your DSi into a full utility notepad. Many new features are included in the new Nintendo DSi. From web browser, music player, and camera. The new DSi will be a great portable console from Nintendo.