Blue Sega Game Gear Handheld With Magnifier and Battery Pack (Sega Game Gear) (Pre-Played - System)

$ 79.99 

Includes Blue Sega GameGear system, External rechargeable battery pack, Wide Screen magnifier attachment, AC adapter and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 game.  (no original boxes.)

The Game Gear is an 8-bit fourth generation handheld game console released by Sega in April 1991 throughout North America. The Game Gear primarily competed with Nintendo's Game Boy, the Atari Lynx, and NEC's TurboExpress. It shares much of its hardware with the Master System, and can play Master System games by the use of an adapter. Sega positioned the Game Gear, which had a full-color backlit screen with a landscape format, as a technologically superior handheld to the Game Boy.

Though the Game Gear was rushed to market, its unique game library and price point gave it an edge over the Atari Lynx and TurboExpress. The Game Gear was succeeded by the Genesis Nomad in 1995 and discontinued in 1997.