Vectrex Arcade System (Vectrex) (Pre-Played - Game System)

$ 299.99 

This item includes fully tested Vectrex self contained Arcade System with controller. Minestorm game is built into the console but does NOT include Minestorm screen overlay.  This is available IN STORE ONLY due to the delicate nature of trying to ship a system like this.

The Vectrex is a vector display-based home video game console developed by Smith Engineering. It was first released for North America in 1982 and for both Europe and Japan in 1983. Originally manufactured by General Computer Electronics, it would soon be licensed to Milton Bradley after they acquired the company. Bandai would release the system in Japan.

In contrast to other video game systems available at the time, the Vectrex uses a monochrome CRT monitor, capable of displaying vector graphics, without need to be hooked up to a television set. The control pad is mounted to the base of the console, and is detachable. Games came with color overlays to compensate for the monochrome screen. The system also comes with a built-in game, Mine Storm, playable if a cartridge is absent.

Manufacturer General Consumer Electronics (1982–83)
Milton Bradley Company (1983–84)
Type Home video game console
Generation Second generation
Release date
  • NA: November 1982
  • EU: 1983
  • JP: 1983
Discontinued 1984
Media ROM cartridge
CPU Motorola MC68A09 @ 1.5 MHz
Memory 1 KB
Display 9-inch cathode ray tube (CRT)
Controller input Two